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During June 2023, People of Ari theatre and PoA White Box, Yellow Lane set the stage for an unforgettable series of Jazz Nights. Presented in collaboration with Sweets Jazz Community, these Thursday evenings showcased rare and distinctive jazz genres in a captivating 'listening room' atmosphere, setting them apart from other jazz bars in Bangkok.

Kicking off the month on 8 June, Jazz Night: West Coast Sound treated the audience to the cool jazz genre performed by the Teerus Laohverapanich Trio. Guests were immersed in the smooth melodies and laid-back vibes of this iconic style. Originating in the United States after World War II, cool jazz offered a refreshing departure from the fast and complex bebop style. Known for its relaxed tempos and lighter tones, this genre captures a unique essence that is both soothing and engaging.

On 15 June, Jazz Night: Genre Mashup delivered a dynamic fusion of jazz, folk, and rock, courtesy of the Saharat Varasarin Trio. Led by Saharat Varasarin, former guitarist of the Safeplanet band, this talented trio drew inspiration from the renowned Julian Lage Trio, offering a genre-blending performance. Notably, this event marked the final Jazz Night hosted in the forest setting at People of Ari. Subsequently, Jazz Nights would take place at PoA White Box, Yellow Lane.

Continuing the jazz journey on 22 June Jazz Night: Bass Talks presented an exceptional musical experience by Tanarat Chaichana. This performance, reminiscent of the iconic SuperBass series by the legendary Ray Brown, featured two bassists and a special guest on keys.

Lastly, on an electrifying note, Jazz Night: "JSV" John Scofield Vibe on 29 June showcased Nattapon Fuangaugsorn on tenor sax, Adisak Huttakulkovit on guitar, Titiwat Tripob on bass, and Torfan Dilokvidhyarat on drums. This talented ensemble transported the audience with their lively fusion of jazz, funk, and rock, paying tribute to the legendary John Scofield in a night of pure musical brilliance.


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