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With All My Love, I Hate You was performed on 14 August 2022 at PoA White Box, Yellow Lane as a part of the Open Stage program. The original play was written by Lynda Marchal and adapted for Thai by Sodsai Pantoomkomol. The story revolves around two former friends and their surprise reencounter after several years apart. Their seemingly mundane conversation leads to intense secrets and tragedies unveiling. Assisted by co-director, Sirimas Yodsuwan, Open Stage artists Darina Boonchu and Marian Poom-on experimented with the original text in search of new theatrical dimensions to the script. Using Yellow Lane's second floor studio as their theatre lab, Marian and Darina spent roughly an hour on stage exploring the possibilities of performing. They switched in and out of character right in front of the audience and experimented with different acting styles each time. After the showcase, there was also an insightful conversation where the artists and the audience exchanged thoughts about the performance and the working process. PoA Open Stage is a creative platform for artists to explore ideas, experiment, and share their work with the community. If you have a project you would like to share through the Open Stage platform, sign up here. ABOUT THE ARTISTS Darina (Nancy) Boonchu has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from the faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Thammasat University. She has extensive experience acting for film and television, including supporting roles in Inhuman Kiss (a well known film launched in 2019), and the highly anticipated Netflix Series, Thai Cave Rescue. Marian Poom-on also has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from the faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Thammasat University. She currently works as a freelance actor, voice actor, emcee, acting coach, and screenwriter. Notable acting performances include A Midsummer Night’s Dream by B-Floor Theatre and Wall by Scarlett Theatre (a theatre group which she co-founded). She was also an acting coach for television shows including Forbidden by HBO Asia, and Not Me by GMMTV. ARTISTS INTERVIEW Despite graduating from the same department, With All My Love, I Hate You is the first time Marian and Nancy have collaborated together. People of Ari sat down with the artist to learn more about them and their work.

Marian and Nancy introduced themselves as freelance actors doing all things acting-related, from films, television shows to advertisements. One difference in their career path is that Marian occasionally works in live theatre, while Nancy focuses on film and television.

“After graduation, Marian and I were in a play called Error 668. I needed to make more money, so I stopped working in live theatre. So, coming back to my roots this time feels very fulfilling and exciting. It also gives me the strength to work on my other acting gigs too. When I was feeling down, I felt better knowing that I will get to be in a play with Marian!”

For the duo’s return to the stage, they chose the play With All My Love, I Hate You to experiment with. The story revolves around two female friends who grew apart but were brought back together in an intense setting. They intend to explore dimensions of the script and ways to perform it. Marian also shared with us their technique in choosing characters to play.

“When we were reading the script it was easy to visualise who would be playing who. One character is right down my alley and the other is right down Nancy’s. At first we were going to go with the obvious choice but then I realised that Nancy and I don’t get to perform together often, so let’s take this chance and switch roles, get out of our comfort zones.”

When asked about why the audience should come and watch this performance, Nancy explained “I feel that the script is already great, I don’t know how to sell it further because the original play has its own value. However, the main reason I want people to come is that it’s one performance only! We both haven’t shared a stage in four years!”

“Even if it’s someone who doesn’t know us personally, I still think coming to this show would be a good experience because the story is easy to grasp, it’s not super complex,” she added.

Both actors aimed to gain nothing more than share this acting experiment with the audience.

“Theatre actors love their audience. We trained hard so we can deliver our energy and reach the audience even in the last rows. We care about them to the end of the room. I can’t guarantee that you will be wowed by this performance because it’s an experiment for us too. However, at least you will surely get to enjoy the show. It’s like coming to watch two friends reuniting. See how it goes, maybe it will resonate with you in some ways.” Nancy said.


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