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People of Ari hosted Stylish Nonsense at Yellow Lane on 1 March 2022. With over a decade of musical experience dating back to when the duo met at university, Stylish Nonsense is no neophyte in the Thai electronic music scene. They are known for creating improvisational yet captivating tunes using synthesisers and drum pads, bringing spontaneous and energising sounds to each performance, including this PoA Live Session.

Describing their genre as “somewhere in between post-punk and vintage electro funk,” Wannarit Pongprayoon (Pok) and Yuthana Kalambaheti (June) started by getting together during school lunch with a shared passion for musical experimentation. Ever since then they have performed together both in Thailand and abroad under the name “Stylish Nonsense,” as well as co-founded Panda Records, a Bangkok-based record label with the goal of creatively fulfilling artists and audiences.

Stay tuned for future performances at PoA. In the meantime you can show support by following them on Facebook and Instagram.


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