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Ari Weekend Market #4 took place on weekend of 25-26 June 2022. Being hosted on the same day as a clothes swap event by Your Neighbour Ari, an electric Tuk-Tuk by MuvMi was provided to transfer attendees between the two events.

To commemorate cannabis decriminalisation in Thailand, we were joined by N’Louis’ Happy Buds, a truck selling organic cannabis, as well as Bloom Asia, who offers CBD products from cannabis oil, including inhalers and more. New vendors also included Sam-L-T Illustrations, BaanBiome, and Gaia’s Oasis. Once again, visitors participated in various activities like pottery, accessories making, and yoga. The market also offered healthy dishes from international food vendors like Burmese Vegan, Saptha, Nine Pastry, and Kalebreak.

Ari Weekend Market is brought to you by People of Ari and Happy Grocers (an award-winning grocery startup aiming to connect local farmers to Bangkok consumers). The market is hosted once a month in the garden of Yellow Lane.


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