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Located in the lively neighbourhood of Ari, we provide three excellent venues available for hire. Whether you are organising a seminar, conducting a workshop, hosting a film screening, looking for a dance studio, or setting up any type of performance, our event space venues are flexible and adaptable to your specific requirements. With cutting-edge audio and visual equipment, along with outstanding catering services, we are equipped to make your event a memorable one.

Enquire below for further details and secure your booking today.

  • Are there parking options available at the venues?
    For events held at PoA White Box and PoA Glass Box in Yellow Lane, there are parking spots available for ~10 cars. However, the parking lot can get quite packed, particularly on weekends and public holidays, due to the shared usage with customers of the Yellow Lane restaurant. To ensure convenience, we recommend using public transportation, or parking nearby. For events at PoA Main Theatre, there is a nearby public parking at Phra Nakorn Cooperative, offering secure parking for a nominal fee of 20 THB per hour. Here's the location on Google Maps:
  • How far in advance should I book the space for rent?
    As our venues are centrally located and regularly hosts events, it is advisable that visitors book the venues as early as possible to ensure availability. Our team is eager to assist and answer any inquiries you may have regarding the space.
  • Can I schedule a visit to view the venues?
    Certainly! We encourage you to schedule a visit to get a better sense of the atmosphere, layout, and overall suitability for your event. This will also enable us to understand your needs better and discuss any equipment you might need for your event, such as audiovisual systems, staging, lighting, or any other technical requirements.
  • What is the payment policy for PoA event spaces?
    To confirm your booking for the space, a 50% deposit payment is required at the time of booking. The remaining 50% can be settled upon the completion of the space rental.
  • What are the unique features of the PoA venues?
    Our venues offer remarkable adaptability. The PoA Main Theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting equipment, featuring floor-to-ceiling LED screens and a state-of-the-art Electro Voice sound system. It is also fully soundproofed, making it ideal for hosting a wide range of events, including theatre performances, visual-sound installations, and experimental artistic projects. PoA White Box and PoA Glass Box provide picturesque views of the surrounding trees, creating a serene ambiance. These spaces are perfect for hosting yoga classes, seminars, and corporate meetings. In the evening, the vibrant lighting installations add a captivating touch, making these spaces an excellent choice for night events such as dances, live music performances, and open mic sessions.
  • What types of events can be hosted at PoA event spaces?
    PoA event spaces have the capability to accommodate a wide range of events, including workshops, music and theatre performances, seminars, rehearsals, and more. We offer audiovisual equipment for performances and workshops such as high-quality speakers, microphones, LED screens, and dynamic lighting, to enhance the quality of performances and workshops. For seminars or corporate meetings, we offer seating arrangements and tables, ensuring a conducive environment. Additionally, we provide catering options from our partner restaurant, Yellow Lane. Please contact us for further arrangement and details.
  • What are the amenities and facilities included in your event spaces?
    At PoA event spaces, we provide a range of amenities and facilities to ensure the success of your event. This includes flexible seating arrangements for sitting or standing, with platforms for elevated seating; Comprehensive audiovisual equipment, including speakers, microphones, LED screens, and professional lighting; Essential furniture such as chairs and tables for seminars and workshops; and top quality food and drink catering, no matter your needs, through the iconic Yellow Lane restaurant.
  • Do you offer any event planning or management services?
    At PoA, our space rental arrangement focuses solely on providing venue and equipment services. We do not offer event planning or management services as part of our standard package. However, we are open to discussing potential collaborations that align with the overall mission. If you would like to explore any possibilities of working together, please feel free to reach out to us.
  • What types of audio-visual equipment are available in your event spaces?
    PoA event spaces have a diverse selection of audiovisual equipment to cater to your event's requirements. Here are some of the options available: High-quality speakers: We have top-of-the-range Electro Voice ETX speakers that ensure exceptional sound quality. Depending on the specific venue, we offer different models that can be easily connected via Bluetooth or AUX cables. For more advanced setups, instruments can be connected through our 32-channel mixer. DJ controllers and Vinyl turntables: Whether you prefer digital or analog DJ setups, we have the necessary equipment to accommodate both. Microphones: Our inventory includes dynamic, condenser, wireless, and headset microphones, from Neumann through to Shure. This allows for versatile options that suit various performance and presentation needs. LED screens: We have floor-to-ceiling LED screens that can be for visual displays, presentations, or video screenings. Projectors: For film screenings, we offer a 8K laser cinema projector and a 200" cinema scree, while basic projectors are available for seminars and meetings. Professional lighting: Enhance the ambiance and visual experience of your event with our professional lighting setups. Our options include PAR lights, linear LEDs, and moving heads. Please note that some of these items may be included with the venue, while others may require additional rental fees based on hourly or daily rates. We aim to offer a comprehensive range of equipment to ensure your event's success. For more detailed information or to discuss your specific equipment needs, feel free to contact us.
  • Are there any catering services or kitchen facilities available in your event spaces?
    PoA White Box and PoA Glass Box are located right on top of our very own Yellow Lane restaurant and bar, featuring a wide range of delectable treats and signature drinks that span from breakfast to late-night dinner gatherings. To cater to the unique needs of your group, we offer many flexible catering options to meet your event needs. Whether you're planning a corporate gathering, a celebratory event, or any other special occasion, our team is dedicated to curating a menu that suits your requirements. If you are planning an event at the People of Ari Main Theatre, we also provide professional bar and barista services, as well as catering through Yellow Lane.
  • Can the layout and decor of the event space be customised for each event?
    Certainly! The layout and decor of our event spaces at PoA can be fully customised to meet the unique requirements of each event. Whether you envision a formal conference setup with tiered seating, a more intimate banquet-style arrangement, or any other configuration, we have the flexibility to accommodate your requirements. Our staff is delighted to collaborate with you to customise the space, ensuring it aligns with your event's vision.
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