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Ari Weekend Market #8 took place at Yellow Lane on 26-27 November 2022. The community market welcomed more vendors than ever, as well as new performers and activities. New vendors included Three Rabbits, Scoffle Me, Lifestyle Juicery, Mamminanni’s Wholefoods, Little Goat Farm and Sad Bar (who offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks themed around mental health with a goal to connect with visitors and raise awareness about mental health. Their profit also goes toward psychiatric hospitals in Thailand.).

Some workshops were also featured for the first time, such as swing dancing class and social dance by Jelly Roll Dance Club, as well as a handpan open session by Mosthandpan (where visitors could try learning to play the handpan for free).

Ari Weekend Market is a community market hosted by People of Ari and Happy Grocers. It is hosted on the last weekend of every month at Yellow Lane with a focus on community building, sustainability, and creativity.

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