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People of Ari hosted Cupnoodle at Yellow Lane on 6 April 2022. Cupnoodle is a Thai-German artist who studied in Thailand and Germany before attending university in London where she lived and worked as a musician for almost a decade. In recent years, the indie pop singer/songwriter moved back to Bangkok and debuted her solo career.

Many of her songs are about self empowerment, encouraging listeners to be proud of their uniqueness. For example, “Pineapple on Pizza” comments on a type of love that flies in the face of popular opinion; if you’re willing to admit you love pineapple on pizza despite all the hate, that’s true love right there. Similarly, the 90s pop punk-themed “Mathematics” is about being nonconforming in a society where success is quantitatively measured.

You can follow Cupnoodle through her social channels here.


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