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An evening of music and fusion unfolded on 24 June 2023, at the People of Ari Main Theatre in Bangkok. 'Electrifying Flowers' brought together the sounds of Bang Sue Electrix and Kalapapruek for a unique musical experience.

The evening began with the dreamy tunes of Kalapapruek, a trio inspired by the psychedelic rock era of the late '60s and early '70s. Their music combined elements of dream-pop, neo-psychedelia, and electronica, creating an atmosphere that conveyed emotions like anxiety and hopeful romanticism. The wavy synthesisers, spacy vocals, and trippy guitar licks left a lasting impression on the audience.

Following Kalapapruek, Bang Sue Electrix took the stage with their energetic blend of electronic and hip-hop beats. Comprising Czech beat maker Pilot Pirx and Thai rapper MC Sunthii, the duo's performance resonated with their raw and playful lyrics. Their music effortlessly combined cultural influences, showcasing the unique Bang Sue-Bang kapi vibe.

For this event, the People of Ari Main Theatre underwent a noticeable transformation. Previously known for its forest setting, the venue embraced a modern atmosphere that suited the event's contemporary vibe. This new ambiance added to the overall experience.

The event 'Electrifying Flowers' was a documentation of a musical journey that merged different sounds and styles. The collaboration between Bang Sue Electrix and Kalapapruek demonstrated the unifying effect of music, leaving attendees with a memorable evening of musical diversity.


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