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On 30 May 2023, People of Ari hosted Gradient 2: Be Part Of The Sound-Spectrum, an extraordinary event presented by sound artists CRSRCRSR and After Art. This immersive experience took attendees on a journey where the lines between creator and observer became beautifully blurred.

The world of Gradient 2 was both curious and captivating, offering a unique exploration of sound and light. The audience was invited to participate actively in this interactive experience, using a series of interaction interfaces. Through touch and gesture, each individual became a co-creator, shaping the sonic landscape in real-time.

Every interaction sparked a spontaneous creation, with the interplay between artist and audience, sound and touch, giving rise to a one-of-a-kind experience. The boundary between the observer and the creator dissolved, and together, everyone present became part of the joyful act of creation.

"Gradient 2: Be Part Of The Sound-Spectrum" offered a space where imagination flourished, and the audience became active participants in the artistic process. It was a celebration of the power of collective creativity, as the attendees contributed their unique perspectives and energies to shape the evolving sonic landscape.


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