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On 4th June 2023, over 40 participants gathered for a transformative event titled Heart Activation. Led by experienced facilitators such as Temp Jiradt, Notep, Tommy Hanson, and Sombun Kringkrai ,the aim was to cultivate gratitude, open hearts to new opportunities, and deepen connections with oneself, others, nature, and the universe.

Session 1: Sacred Cacao, Spirits Sound & Healing Vibration of the Elements

The first session began at 13.00 and included a cacao ceremony, breath meditation, spirits sound ceremony, sound healing, acousmatic surround sound, oracle card reading, and a magical atmosphere. The ritual used cacao and ancient sound baths to facilitate emotional connections, set intentions, and release negativity.

Session 2: Healing Vibration of the Elements

Starting at 16.30, the second session, "Healing Vibration of the Elements," focused on reconnecting with nature and inner healing. Participants experienced sound healing, breath meditation, acousmatic surround sound, herbal tea (Blue Lotus), oracle card reading, and a magical atmosphere. The session aimed to restore participants' connection to nature and promote relaxation and intuitive connection with their dreams.

Both sessions provided participants with an immersive and transformative experience, leaving them with a renewed sense of gratitude, connection, and self-discovery.


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