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Hope the Flowers performed at Yellow Lane on 31 August 2022. They are an instrumental, post-rock band based in Bangkok. The band started as a solo project by Hon Narongrit, who wrote and recorded all the instruments himself. He later invited friends for jam sessions and the musical group was formed. The band currently has seven members: Hon, Noey, Guide, Job, First, Arm, and Meen.

Hope the Flowers combine rock, electronic, and jazz elements to create an emotional and textured soundscape, aligning with post-rock aesthetics. The instruments include guitars, bass, drums, trumpet, and violin.

Hon expressed that each song tells a different personal story according to the emotions he was feeling at the time. Audiences however have very different interpretations of the songs. For example, their sad songs are often perceived as hopeful. This has inspired a message that became the core value of Hope the Flowers: that there is always hope to bloom again despite the dark times.

You can check out Hope the Flowers new releases and updates through their Facebook and Instagram


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