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The month of August saw a harmonious fusion of melodies and rhythms as Jazz Nights, hosted by People of Ari and the Sweets Jazz Community, continued to captivate audiences in the heart of Ari, Bangkok. Held at the enchanting PoA White Box on the second floor of the Yellow Lane restaurant, these evenings transcended the ordinary, offering music enthusiasts an extraordinary journey into the depths of jazz. 8 August 2023 - Jazz Night: Ambient Odyssey The month kicked off with a captivating performance titled "Ambient Odyssey." Headlining the event was the Killjoy band, a group of exceptionally talented musicians led by Nakarin Teerapenun, better known as Golf T-bone from Thailand's beloved reggae band, T-bone. This night was a special occasion as it marked Nakarin's first collaboration with the Sweets Jazz Community in 14 years. The audience was treated to an intriguing session of ambient jazz, with Nakarin's soulful guitar, Teerus Laohverapanich's evocative alto sax, Benjasit Pichaichom's resonant bass, and Torfan Dilokvidhyarat's rhythmic drums weaving a magical tapestry of free improvisation and standard jazz, all wrapped in ambient elements. 15 August 2023 - Jazz Night: The Sadsus Project The following week, jazz aficionados were in for a unique treat as The Sadsus Project took center stage. This night celebrated the original compositions of Warit Techakanont on keys and Phan Parinyanusorn on tenor sax. Bridging the realms of jazz and classical music, this performance brought to life the mesmerizing vocals of guest artist May (Fonpa Pramote Na Ayudhaya), known from The Voice Thailand Season 2. 22 August 2023 - Jazz Night: Gentle Strings A symphony of gentle guitar sounds filled the air on August 22 as three remarkable guitarists from esteemed universities came together for a mesmerising performance. Arnat Iamwongsrikul, Panai Imjai, and Napat Kittiwilailux showcased their extraordinary talents, captivating both guitar enthusiasts and those seeking a unique musical experience. The Sweets Jazz Community's curation once again struck a harmonious chord with the audience. 29 August 2023 - Jazz Nights: New Morning The month of August concluded on an enchanting note with "New Morning." Inspired by the 2019 New Morning concert in Paris, Nattapon Fuangaugsorn and his new group embarked on a musical journey that transcended genres. Their performance seamlessly blended elements of standard jazz, folk, and spirituality. With the tenor sax, guitar, bass, and drums as their vessels, they transported the audience's minds to a realm of music that transcended boundaries and touched the soul. In summary, Jazz Nights in August represents the power of music to transcend boundaries and elevate the spirit. Audiences in Ari, Bangkok were treated to a diverse array of jazz experiences, from ambient and classical fusions to the gentle sounds of guitars and a journey through various genres. These Jazz Nights continue to be a beacon of creativity and expression in the vibrant Bangkok music scene, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next enchanting performance.


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