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Throughout the month of July, music aficionados and jazz enthusiasts gathered for a series of captivating evenings under the banner of Jazz Nights. People of Ari orchestrated a sequence of engaging sessions that unfolded every Thursday from 19:30 to 22:00.

The partnership with Sweets Jazz Community was the foundation of these events, bringing forth a lineup of exceptionally skilled and seasoned musicians. Each Jazz Night was designed to be a testament to the diversity within the jazz genre, spotlighting a range of styles that were rarely encountered elsewhere in Bangkok. Sweets Jazz Community also hosted enlightening pre-show talk sessions. These discussions provided a contextual backdrop to the night's genre, enhancing the audience's appreciation and understanding of the musical journey they were about to embark upon.

A significant change was made during the second week of July, as Jazz Night shifted its venue to the breathtaking PoA White Box, Yellow Lane. The transformation was more than just a change of location; it was a transition into a visually and aesthetically immersive environment. The venue featured white walls and curtains, illuminated by vibrant coloured lights that changed each week in accordance with the theme. This meticulous attention to ambiance crafted a space that was not only clean and stylish but also theatrical, setting the stage for an all-encompassing experience where attendees could revel in both the music and the visuals. As the tunes flowed, guests were able to enjoy delectable cuisine and beverages provided by the Yellow Lane restaurant conveniently situated downstairs.

On 6 July, the series kicked off with a unique collaboration between guitarists Patiphan and Oz in an event called Jazz Night: Actual Reality. Having forged their connection online during the pandemic, they brought their music to life in person, offering a blend of standard, modern, and original compositions. The performance was a testimony to the power of music to transcend physical barriers.

Jazz Night: Lo-Fi Fusion took place on 13 July, marking the first Jazz Night in PoA White Box. This unique evening was characterised by musical transcendence. A talented ensemble of musicians under the name CFB Lo-Fi performed a fusion of jazz standards and originals, all enveloped in a contemporary lo-fi atmosphere. The result was an exploration of the intersection between nostalgia and innovation.

On 20 July, we presented Jazz Night: The Power of Jazz Rock. Passakorn Morasilpin and his ensemble took the stage in the third week. Their performance blended high-energy free improvisations, original compositions, and the raw intensity of rock music. The fusion of genres sparked an electrifying ambiance that resonated with both jazz purists and rock aficionados.

27 July, the last session of the month featured Jazz Night: Shades of Blue led by the skilled tenor saxophonist Nattapon Fuangaugsorn. His performance, accompanied by guitar virtuoso Napat Kittiwilailux, took the audience on a journey inspired by the multifaceted nature of the colour blue. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures like Charles Lloyd, the performance delved into a diverse repertoire of songs, each evoking the various shades of emotions within the colour spectrum.

In retrospect, Jazz Nights in July succeeded in delivering an unmatched auditory and visual experience that left an indelible mark on attendees. The amalgamation of talent, venue, and thematic exploration created an atmosphere that celebrated the essence of jazz while pushing its boundaries into uncharted territories.


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