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In May 2023, People of Ari Theatre's forest setting became the stage for a series of captivating Jazz Nights. Curated by the esteemed Sweets Jazz Community, these Wednesday evenings offered rare and specific genres in a 'listening room' style, setting them apart from other jazz bars in Bangkok. Let's take a look at the highlights:

3 May 2023: Jazz Night: Folk & Beyond

Nattapon Fuangaugsorn and his talented ensemble took the audience on a dreamy journey, blending jazz with folk and electronic looping. The intimate forest setting created a relaxed and invigorating atmosphere.

10 May 2023: Jazz Night: French Swing

The Hot Club of Siam transported attendees to 1930s Paris with their infectious gypsy and standard swing music. A talk session added depth to the experience, allowing enthusiasts to immerse themselves fully in the world of French Swing.

17 May 2023: Jazz Night: Modern Jazz

Pamai Chirdkiatisak Quartet showcased their artistry through original compositions, displaying the intricate harmonies and soulful melodies that define modern jazz. The quartet's remarkable performance left the audience in awe.

24 May 2023: Jazz Night: Free Flow Duet

Torn Buranadham on bass and Warit Techakanont on keys treated the crowd to a unique blend of jazz standards and free improvisation. Their musical chemistry and skill delighted the senses.

31 May 2023: Jazz Night: Brazilian Jazz Bash

The immensely talented Adisak Huttakulkovit and Gun Rujinarong, accompanied by a percussionist, created a night of pure musical delight with their captivating rhythms and soulful melodies of Bossa Nova and Brazilian jazz.

People of Ari Theatre's Jazz Nights in May provided an extraordinary experience for jazz enthusiasts, offering a range of genres and showcasing the talent of exceptional musicians.


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