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People of Ari hosted JindaJohn at Yellow Lane on 9 March 2022. In Thai, JindaJohn means travelling thoughts. For this PoA Live Session, the band lives up to its name by taking us on a sensory journey through musical narratives.

JindaJohn was formed by classical music students hoping to turn their casual jam sessions into an established band. The band features brass instruments, guitars, and drums. Their music has jazz and rock influences, however, the formula changes based on stories they want to tell. For example, the song “Time Traveller” represents time that is moving forward, while some aspects of life remain the same. This story was told instrumentally by the same simple melodies being played at the beginning and the end of the song, despite many changes in musical motifs in-between.

Even though most of the original members have left JindaJohn to pursue other careers, new members have joined and keep the band’s legacy alive. They continue to perform songs by original members, as well as create new ones. After all, JindaJohn might really be the perfect name as it embodies creative thoughts and ideas endlessly moving regardless of who’s behind it. Don’t forget to check their Youtube and Facebook for band updates.


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