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Journey into the Forest with Tamlin is a one-of-a-kind concert experience that takes you on a journey of self-discovery through the power of music, dance, and storytelling. Led by the talented Tamlin, this event offered an opportunity to explore the depths of one's psyche and ask fundamental existential questions.

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, attendees gathered for an immersive experience, where Tamlin's hauntingly soulful music and thought-provoking lyrics transported them to a place where introspection and personal growth awaited. The venue's set design transformed into a mystical forest, setting the stage for a truly captivating evening.

As the melodies filled the air and Tamlin's evocative storytelling unfolded, the audience was captivated by the power of the performance. Contemporary dancers gracefully portrayed characters such as the warrior wolf, actor songbird, and dreamer moth, breathing life into the stories as the songs progressed. Their movements added another layer of depth to the journey, engaging the senses and enhancing the overall experience.

The subsequent Saturday evenings, May 13, 20, and 27 provided an opportunity for attendees to continue their exploration of self-discovery through the transformative power of music and dance.

Journey into the Forest with Tamlin encouraged attendees to identify with different archetypes and characters, allowing for a profound exploration of the self. Through Tamlin's evocative melodies and poignant lyrics, listeners were invited to contemplate their own transformations and discover pathways to a more meaningful life. Attendees emerged from each evening feeling inspired, enlightened, and touched by the power of music to ignite personal growth.


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