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Nirvana Station is a dance performance by DD Flection with live music by ANAPARN. It was featured at PoA White Box, Yellow Lane on 11-12February 2023 as a part of The Forbidden Marsh project, where different artists were invited to create an original performance piece based on their own interpretations of The Forbidden Marsh installation by Naraphat Sakarthornsap.

The artists described Nirvana Station as a place free form judgements and regulations. It is a 'soul sanctuary' where all creatures can thrive and grow at their own pace. Inspired by the uncanny wetland scenery, DD Flection aimed to explore the physical, mental, and spiritual journey of those seeking freedom from the ideal state of being as defined by the outside world. This theme was conveyed through intense and intimate body contact choreography and live electronic music inspired by natural sounds.

About The Artists:

DD Flection was founded by two dancers Krid Prarom and Ing Rinyapas. From 2017 to present, they have competed in many stage competitions. In 2018, they won World of Dance Thailand and were the representative to compete in World of Dance on NBC in the United States. They later developed their own dance styles applying various techniques like floor work and contact improvisations, as well as collaborating with other forms of art such as electronic music, classical music, and NFTs.

ANAPARN is a sound designer and composer who creates sonic experiences using a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach. For her, working with others is a way to break away from old habits so that new and unusual patterns can emerge. ANAPARN started to involve soundscape live improvisation for the contact improvisation community and contemporary dancers. Her passion is seeking out quirky sounds and unorthodox artistic expressions, aiming to help experimental hyper-pop become more widespread in the Thai music scene.


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