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Numan performed at Yellow Lane on 13 October 2022. Numan is a math rock band that began as a solo project by Numan Naveed, a former guitarist of The Rocket Whale and promoter of Thailand’s Math Rock Appreciation initiative. Their sound draws influences from the complex rhythms and unconventional chord progressions/time signatures of UK math rock, creating a unique blend of instrumental music that can range from joyful to sombre in tone.

The trio, consisting of Numan on guitar/vocals, Off on drums, and Job on bass, have developed a post/math rock sound that combines elements of the genre with their own unique style. Now under Newlight Productions record label, the band's third album Form and Foundation takes back to their instrumental collaborative roots with several nods to shoegaze and emo. Follow Numan for music & live shows updates on their facebook, instagram, and bandcamp.


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