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People of Ari hosted RE:SYN from 20 October to 11 November 2023 at People of Ari (Main Theatre). RE:SYN was a journey into a near-apocalyptic future where technology and humanity shared a symbiosis. Audience members witnessed the birth of musical intelligence, its growth, rebellion, and independence, all unfolding within an underground lab.

This production was created by sound artist/programmer CRSRCRSR, featuring visual design by Wasawat Somno and performed by musicians Wannarit Pongprayoon (Stylish Nonsense) and Ānāpān. The event showcased a full hour of visceral, fully automated, audio-visual experiences and technology integration, where the sonic narrative unfolded through meticulous programming, blending precision with improvisation, with unique visuals responding dynamically in real-time. One of the highlights of RE:SYN was also the engaging post-show session, during which our audience had the chance to explore and interact with our automated sound and visual settings. Participants experimented with the sound mapping of the instruments, experienced the motion sensors, and witnessed how these sounds dynamically influence the visual design.

This exclusive encounter not only deepened their connection to the enigmatic realm of RE:SYN but also granted the opportunity of engaging in conversations with our passionate artists, providing insights into the ingenious creation process that brought this captivating world to life. We extend gratitude to the artists and team members who made this journey possible, marking the culmination of several months of research, experiments, rehearsals, trials, and errors. Together, we navigated the exciting possibilities of human and technology through music and visuals, resulting in a total of 8 shows, each different from the rest.

We'll fondly remember these shared moments and the collaborative spirit that fuelled our exploration.


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