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Rest is a solo cello performance by Yui Saowakhon featured at PoA White Box, Yellow Lane on 4-5 February 2023. This was the first showcase of The Forbidden Marsh project, where different artists were invited to create an original performance piece based on their own interpretations of The Forbidden Marsh installation by Naraphat Sakarthornsap.

This performance included six original songs inspired by the ‘resting state’ before a person transitions into the next stage of life. According to the artist, it is the time to examine one’s own mentality and come to a decision.

About The Artist:

Saowakhon Chotikaseth or ‘Yui Cello’ is a cellist/composer known for combining music with theatrical storytelling. Her music is often described as psychological, dark, and beautifully haunting.

As a performer, she was featured in many showcases and festivals such as Asian Meeting Festival 2015 (Japan), RRRec Fest in the Valley 2015 (Indonesia), Migration Music Festival 2017 (Taiwan) and New Narrative Film Festival 2019 (Taiwan). As a composer, she wrote music for an award-winning short film from Macau ‘Illegalist’ (2017), and ‘Samui Song’ (2017), a critically acclaimed Thai Film. Her latest theatrical performance ‘Moon Chrysalis’ was featured in Bangkok Theatre Festival in November 2022.

Saowakhon however works not only in the theatrical art scene but also in childhood development, especially teaching music and curating music programs for children with special needs.


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