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PoA Live Session hosted Stay Awake at Yellow Lane on 8 August 2023. Formed in 2018, Stay Awake is a punk rock/melodic hardcore band based in Bangkok, Thailand. The four band members came from different parts of the world, bringing together influences from punk rock legends like Rise Against and Bad Religion, as well as Hot Water Music and Boysetsfire.

Stay Awake is a skilled and experienced band, whose diverse backgrounds contribute to their unique sound and message. Their music features socio-political themes and encourages self-improvement and positivity.

Stay Awake has played countless shows throughout Thailand and received recognition for their work, including an invitation to join Useless ID on their first Japanese tour in early 2020. Stay Awake’s latest EP, 'Portraits', won the Punk Rock Mag EP of the year award. Follow Stay Awake on all of their socials here.


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