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The Kopycat performed at PoA White Box, Yellow Lane on 23 June 2022. The Kopycat is an indie-pop band led by Mu, Ham, and Pond. They got together to cover The Beatles songs on Youtube, then started releasing original music. They released their first oldies-inspired album called Swirl, which featured familiar sounds from genres like the 50s do wop and 60s surf rock. The band’s passion for this particular style was developed from a young age - listening to music their parents loved. Many years later, they are creating their own nostalgic tracks with modern inspirations. For example, their first single, My Baby, was made in the style of the 1950s all girl band The Ronettes. Both share similar instrumentals and romantic lyrics. Their second single, A Night Ride, based on the Before film trilogy, intends to capture a feeling of driving through a city in Europe with a love interest and features spoken French at the beginning of the song.

Check out the band’s released work and upcoming projects here.


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