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In August 2023, the Vinyl Sessions took place at the garden bar area of Yellow Lane every Sunday from 15:30 to 18:30, offering a diverse range of musical experiences spanning different eras. Guests had the opportunity to savour music from various genres in the authentic setting of classic vinyl records, appreciating the historical significance of these original physical copies. 6 August 2023: 70s-80s Smooth AOR Two vinyl DJs collaborated to present records from the yacht rock, AOR, and blue-eyed soul genres. DJ Zunburzt, the bassist of Thailand's indie-pop band The Kopycat, was an avid collector of vintage vinyl records across various genres. DJ Kimkittikorn, the owner of Lazebkk coffee shop, shared his passion for vinyl records and turntable DJing. 13 August 2023: Acid Jazz & UK Street Soul

This session was presented by DJ Special K, a vocalist and turntable DJ from the Thailand-based Electronic-Pop band มหาจำเริญ (Mahajamroen) and MAD (Memories After Dark). DJ Special K specialized in vinyl records encompassing soul, funk, RnB, and electronic genres like chill-out, lounge, and house.

20 August 2023: Nu-Jazz he session focused on "Nu-Jazz" with DJ Goddam at the helm. This unique event showcased contemporary and electronic jazz, with DJ Goddam presenting his vinyl-only collection, promising a diverse and boundary-pushing DJ set. DJ Goddam was known for his eclectic vinyl-only sets, encompassing techno, IDM, and ambient music, with a broad collection spanning world music, experimental techno, fusion Jazz, and ambient..

27 August 2023: 60s - 80s Mellow Soul DJ Zunburzt returned to present 60s-80s Mellow Soul, a blend of soul, RnB, and city soul. With over 6-7 years of experience in collecting vinyl records, DJ Zunburzt delighted the audience with enchanting sounds from the 60s mods, beat, garage, and psychedelic genres. His extensive collection included various musical styles like 60s-70s Asian and European beat a go-go, lukthung, thaifunk, Brazilian, and jazz, making his DJ sets a journey through diverse musical landscapes.


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