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In May 2023, the enchanting forest setting of People of Ari Theatre came alive with the vibrant sounds of vinyl records. Every Monday, music enthusiasts gathered to experience a unique musical journey curated by two talented Pornpipat Maleepun (DJ Zunburzt). These vinyl sessions offered a rare opportunity to immerse oneself in specific genres from different eras.

On the first Monday of May, DJ Zunburzt took us back to the 1960s and 1970s with a selection of Go-Go and Beat records. From Thailand to China, the forest reverberated with the captivating rhythms and melodies that defined an era.

The following week, DJ Modbkk transported us to the vibrant city of Chicago through an evening dedicated to blues, jazz, and soul. It was a sonic journey that captivated the audience and evoked the rich musical heritage of the Windy City.

Mid-May brought DJ Zunburzt's exploration of 1960s US and UK Garage. The atmosphere was electric as beat, garage, and psychedelic rock filled the air, carrying us away on a wave of nostalgia.

As the month progressed, DJ GodDam took the stage in the forest with a rare collection of intelligent dance music. The pop-up setting provided the perfect ambiance for a captivating showcase of IDM, breakbeat, and techno house records.

Finally, on the last Monday of May, DJ Special K curated a soulful and jazzy vinyl session that closed the month on a high note. The audience swayed to the smooth grooves of soulful and jazzy house records.

Throughout May, People of Ari Theatre's vinyl sessions provided a haven for music lovers seeking something beyond the mainstream. Each curated session offered a crafted journey into a specific genre, showcasing rare records and transporting attendees to different times and places.

People of Ari Theatre's vinyl sessions in May left a lasting impression on all who attended. The curated selections by DJ Zunburzt, DJ MODBKK, DJ GodDam, and DJ Special K truly brought the forest to life, creating a memorable series of evenings filled with rare musical treasures. As the sun set on each Monday, the vinyl sessions became cherished memories, etched in the hearts of those fortunate enough to have been a part of them.


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