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In collaboration with Pornpipat Maleepun or DJ Zunburzt, People of Ari curated a series of unique vinyl sessions at two different venues in June 2023. These sessions were designed to introduce the Ari community to distinct and lesser-known genres that are not often heard elsewhere. Each Monday provided an opportunity to immerse oneself in captivating music from various places and eras, all in an analog setting.

The first part of June showcased two memorable vinyl sessions. On 5 June, DJ Pui Bongo took the stage for Vinyl Session: 80s Japanese Jazz. This event, along with Vinyl Session: 60s European Beat on 12 June, marked the final vinyl sessions hosted in the enchanting pop-up forest specially crafted for PoA's original production.

As the month progressed, the weekly vinyl sessions relocated to PoA White Box, Yellow Lane. On 19 June, we presented Vinyl Session: Exploring Spiritual Jazz, featuring the talented DJ Goddam. And on 26 June, we concluded the month on a high note with Vinyl Session: Rare Groove & Global Funk, featuring the dynamic duo of DJ ModBKK and DJ Zunburzt.


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