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1,200 (Regular)

1,500 (At door)

People of Ari (Main Theatre)

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20-21 October 2023 

27-28 October 2023

3-4 November 2023

10-11 November 2023

An immersive audio-visual journey into a near-apocalyptic future, featuring the birth of musical intelligence and a rebellion for independence within an underground lab.

20.00 Door opens
20.30 Door closes


People of Ari presents RE:SYN, a journey into a near-apocalyptic future where technology and humanity share a symbiosis. Witness the birth of musical intelligence, its growth, rebellion, and independence, all unfolding within an underground lab.


This production is created by sound artist/programmer CRSRCRSR, featuring visual design by Wasawat Somno and performed by musicians Wannarit Pongprayoon (Stylish Nonsense) and Ānāpān. This event showcases a full hour of visceral, fully automated, audio-visual experiences and technology integration, where the sonic narrative unfolds through meticulous programming, blending precision with improvisation, with unique visuals responding dynamically in real-time

Trigger Warning:


This performance includes loud sounds, heavy bass, surround sound, flashing lights, and strobing lights that may distress some viewers, trigger seizures in those sensitive to light, or induce anxiety and panic.
Those with heart conditions or photosensitive epilepsy should exercise caution. Please inquire our staff for safe areas for sensory relief

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